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Here are some ideas to teach the Spanish alphabet to young learners. I hope you find these activities enjoyable! Be sure to check out my free stuff under Activities. Happy hunting!

Alphabet scavenger hunt – Take a large roll of paper, draw large letters of the alphabet onto the paper several inches apart. Next hide items using Spanish vocabulary around the room or outside that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Then ask students to go around the room and find the hidden items that begin with each letter then bring that item to the large roll of paper and place the item next to the letter.

Here are some more ideas for a scavenger hunt

Alphabet picture word wall or picture book – Look for any picture you can find that is fun, silly or interesting to young learners, cut the pictures and place them next to the letter of the alphabet. For this activity I found a site for a Spanish alphabet picture book. You can also make this into an alphabet word wall.

Alphabet Spanish picture in a letter – For this activity you can use a large piece of paper, poster board or wall pad to make a Spanish alphabet word wall. Remember, any activity you find for English learners can also be used to teach Spanish vocabulary

 Some other sites I really like to use is Spanish Playground. Another teacher site I like is Pre-kpages

Other Activities

Spelling Bee: Students get into two teams then take turns spelling out simple words in Spanish. To make the game interesting, instruct students to make movements or gestures while spelling; i.e., for a three letter word a student might clap to each letter they say, they might hop from foot to foot while saying the letters. 

Alphabet Toss: Students say the letters of the alphabet while passing a ball from student to student.

Around the World: Students get in a line and say the alphabet in Spanish. If a student misses, that student sits down then the next player starts at the beginning of the alphabet again.

Spell that Name: The teacher spells out a name and the students must guess the name. To prepare, you can give students note cards and ask them to write their names on the note cards, adding some color and drawings to personalize their name cards. 

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