Colors in Spanish Activities for Young Learners

One of the most enjoyable vocabulary themes to teach young learners is saying the colors in Spanish. This is great for hands-on mixing, drawing, creating and crafting as well as games. While children are engaged in play, they can be learning a new language skill. For example, 

when you begin to teach colors in Spanish you may give a craft activity and prompt the students to tell you the colors in their artwork. You will want to be enthusiastic about their creations, saying ‘Me gusta’ for ‘I like’ and really take notice of their work. It’s a fun way to slip in more language skills.

Free Spanish Worksheet

Spanish Colors Worksheet

Download this FREE worksheet to help you students learn the colors in Spanish.

I Spy

For this activity you ask students to look around the room to see items that are a particular color like ‘azul’ for ‘blue’. Ask students to point to everything they see that is blue while saying ‘veo algo azul’ for ‘I see something blue’, or they may just ‘azul’ each time they see something blue.

Playdough Letter Trace

Trace letters and roll playdough into long strips then lay inside the large traced letters. This is a great activity because it allows children to practice their fine motor skills while also learning the colors in Spanish. 

Color Sort

Cut colored paper into squares or shapes, mix together then distribute piles to students to sort while saying the colors in Spanish.

Rainbow Collage

Create a giant Rainbow Collage using cardboard boxes and anything colorful you can find around the house.

Paint Wall Activity

Here is an activity using watercolor to teach colors.

Hanging Objects

Recycled art


Tie several strings to your door. Have each student bring 3-5 objects to hand. As they are adding the colored object to the string, have them say the color in Spanish.

Easter Egg

Trace a large oval shape on a piece of paper for an easter egg then cut small pieces of colored paper and distribute to students the glue to their Easter egg

TPR Outdoor Game Or In The Gym

Here is a game from P.E. that you can use to teach colors in Spanish outside or in the gym by

  1. Divide students into four teams then ask them to stand with their teams at four corners or walls of the gym. This can also be played outside.
  2. In the middle of the gym place several copies of construction paper choosing three to five different colors. Example: 5 pieces of construction paper that are green, 5 pieces of construction paper that are red, 5 pieces of construction paper that are blue and so on.
  3. Next, tell students you are going to call out a pattern of colors in Spanish then on ‘go’ all students run to the different pieces of construction paper, stepping on the order the colors are called; i.e, rojo, azul, verde, azul, rojo. Students will at the same time run to the colors red, blue, green, blue red then return to their side of the gym.

Color Hop

This is similar to the activity above with students hopping on the colors called. For example the teacher says, “Salta salta, encima, muy lenta’ ( jump, jump, on top, slowly) then call a color in Spanish.

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