Academic Integrity

The successful online educator:

  • Establishes standards for learner behavior and uses strategies to ensure learner academic integrity, digital citizenship, and the security of learner assessment data.

OTS: 2.8

Reflection: Explain what you have done in your professional experience to address these indicators and include reasoning for why you chose this evidence.


I have a student code of conduct posted in my course. This includes academic integrity of the student maintaining at high importance the submission of an individual’s own work. The expectations include a student not plagiarizing in written or verbal form, that work will not be shared with others unless directed by me, the instructor and the use of an online translator is prohibited. The biggest issue I see in a language class is the use of an online translator. An online dictionary is ok since it is used as a reference tool. I often find students do not understand the difference between an online translator and an online dictionary even at the high school level. When I taught for NCVPS, at the beginning of each course, all students were required to complete a ‘Getting Started Unit’ that covered topics like academic integrity. This was set as a prerequisite and upon completion of the module students were expected to adhere to the guidelines. If there were a question about authentic work the instructor would go back to the ‘Getting Started Unit’ to verify this module had been completed by the student then the instructor would consult with the students, expressing concerns in a non-accusatory way. The instructor and student would go over protocol in addressing the violation and review academic integrity guidelines. Students will be given a zero until resubmitting one’s own work. I feel I meet this indicator by being aware of guidelines and steps to take when addressing issues of plagiarism. One site my high school students use for citation on projects and to check for plagiarism is Easy Bibli.


As mentioned in E2 I have been following the guidelines of NCVPS. I am not sure what VTVLC has in place and will need to learn more about procedures. In my previous virtual position after reviewing the infraction with the student the teacher contacts the school virtual contact person (eLA) and the principal to share possible academic infractions. This is done via email in a password protected document and including the Instructional Director as well as language leader. The email should be sent in a ‘read receipt’ and passwords should be sent in a separate form as in second email, phone or text. Protocol is explained in the email and the student will receive a zero until they redo the assignment or complete an alternate assessment. The school is asked to share with the family the infraction and guidelines. These are the steps for the first offence. The biggest issue I have had with students is the use of an online translator. Ways I try to address the issue beforehand is to explain how teachers know that an online translator was used. Most often the translator is obvious since students will sometimes use a tense in Spanish that does not exist in English. An example is in romantic languages and two different past tense concepts with the continued past and the specific past. I explain to students the concept from another (Spanish) language that does not exist in the student’s native language. I also explain the new knowledge (unfamiliar concept), briefly, showing combinations of letters for students to watch for that are indicators of a violation as well as reviewing the grammatical form being studied. These forms show letter and word patterns that students are to use, the correct forms and not what is found by an online translator.

Where are you now in reaching mastery of these indicators? Explain your reasoning.

Approaching / Meeting / Exceeding

I feel I am approaching mastery on this indicator. I am aware of prerequisites for a course and academic integrity. I am also aware of ways to decide if an online translator is being used. I do not know of software and tools to check for academic integrity as generally my grammatical functions are very specific.

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