The successful online educator:

  • Serves as an ambassador of knowledge to stakeholders.

  • Demonstrates an understanding of effective time management strategies.

  • Maintains accurate records of relevant information and communications in the appropriate format.

  • Demonstrates basic troubleshooting skills and addresses basic technical issues as they arise.

NSQOT: A4, A6, A8, B4


Since 2008 I have been part of an Electronic Learning Community (eLC) with a world language group of virtual teachers through North Carolina Virtual. In our group we meet one evening a month to discuss and reflect on a variety of topics including student support, how to increase student engagement, the importance of quality feedback (making connections with students and the real world), how to keep communication with stakeholders and documentation. Our meetings have a goal and we participate as a group and individually through reflection and make note of our successes through modules in the hub as well as formal observation. The three pillars, moving to the forth are

  • Pillar 1: Grading/Feedback

  • Pillar 2: Teaching Through Announcements

  • Pillar 3: Building Relationships through Communication

  • Pillar 4: Quality Matters

This month we are working on Pillar 4 and Quality Matters. At the end of the semester and upon completion of all modules and through the Observation Tool (formal observation by a lead member) and will receive Professional Development credits.


During remote learning, I have been keeping an ongoing weekly schedule in a google sheet with links to all meetings and tasks and as well as alerts set in Google Calendar. I also hold office hours, meet with Advisory, teach synchronously, communicate with students and stakeholders, and document. This year has been a challenge with managing time along with creating course content though I am finally building a pattern that helps me be an effective virtual teacher. The biggest help has been time management and keeping a schedule.


During the past two semesters I have been working on a communication journal with notes on student activity in zoom sessions, progress in the course, communication with parents, missing assignments and overall student progress. This journal is in a google sheet and a work in progress. I have also started organizing parent emails into folders in google as well as maintaining important links into my master google sheet I labeled ‘Portfolio’. This is where I keep important notes, records, and anything I need quick reference to.


For troubleshooting and technology tips I keep a list, notes and ‘how to’ documents in my personal portfolio. These are tips I have received from my district over the past two years, notes from previous work and current information I am receiving from teammates. When a student, parent or colleague has a ‘how to’ question I am quickly able to access the information and share. For students and parents I either share via email. I also post tips in Announcements when needed.

Reflection: Explain what you have done in your professional experience to address these indicators and include reasoning for why you chose this evidence.

I am meeting mastery in many skills in communication and documentation, basic technology and troubleshooting. Time management has been very important in my success as a online instructor and I am always looking for new information to help me improve my skills in the virtual setting.

Where are you now in reaching mastery of these indicators? Explain your reasoning.

Approaching / Meeting / Exceeding

Evidence #1

CEU Online Teaching Best Practices

Evidence #2

Links for Troubleshooting

Evidence #3

Weekly Scheduled Meetings and To Do list

Communication Journal

eLC: Electronic Learning Community: Monthly Meetings