Tech Tools and Resources

The successful online educator:

  • Implements digital pedagogical tools that support communication, productivity, collaboration, analysis, presentation, research, content delivery, and interaction to meet individualized learner needs.

  • Utilizes discipline-specific technologies, tools, and resources to interact in online courses in order to nurture learner relationships, encourage learner interaction, and monitor and motivate learner engagement.

NSQOT: B1, B2, B3
OTS: 1.3, 2.2

Reflection: Explain what you have done in your professional experience to address these indicators and include reasoning for why you chose this evidence.


One means of communication I use in the class is Announcements. At the beginning of the course I tell students that one of the most important things they are going to do in the class is to read and follow Announcements, that this is similar to the white board the teacher in a traditional class uses to write notes, concepts, tutorials, information about lessons and updates in the course. I also use this as a means of communication to also build relationships, often asking students to message me through the course, telling me how they are doing and anything they have to share; i.e., a recent accomplishment, pastime, something funny that happened, an outing and so on. This gives me the opportunity to engage and connect with students as I respond to there messages. Other tools I use in announcements include screencasts to teach concepts and provide clear directions. I also use interactive tools like Padlet, Proprof, Quizlet and audio flashcards as well as offer print copies of activities to further practice.


I use interactive games in my courses like ProProf like word search and word sort to have the opportunity to practice Spanish vocabulary words. Quizlet audio flashcards also work well for audio practice as well as Quizalize and Kahoot, games for students to work in teams and compare their results to their opponents. The zoom whiteboard and drawing tools work well for games like pictionary, tic tac toe and other traditional pencil games.

Students have stated they really like these type of activities and I feel they enhance students’ ability to reinforce what they are learning.


I have a copy of acceptable communication in regard to netiquette posted in my courses and model communication in my zoom sessions. As we progress through our weekly Zoom meetings students have been giving feedback and suggestions to each other with reminders of listening when someone is talking instead of using the chat feature. Students have also said they like the hand raise and emojis. I think this has been a help with students being able to process and apply good communication skills.

Where are you now in reaching mastery of these indicators? Explain your reasoning.

Approaching / Meeting / Exceeding

I am meeting mastery for Tech Tools and Resources. In general I am doing well with technology and web tools in facilitating students’ success, collaborating and making connections, however for young learners, I would like to explore more with tools that other elementary teachers have found beneficial in the online setting. Overall, I feel fairly confident in my ability to search and learn about more options to use in my courses

Communicating through Announcements

Whiteboard I Spy
in Zoom

Evidence #3

K 12 ITSE Standards for Students Basic Technical Competency for Reference

Padlet Collaborative Tool